Friday, March 03, 2006


Small Wonder!

I was watching him,
The most wonderful being,
I've ever known.
As she spoke to him,
His eyes gleamed,
Face turned red,
As she moved,
With her, so did his mind.

He was in a stupor.
I approached him,
In my arms I took him,
Kissed his cheeks and told,
What I knew about him.
He wondered,
"How come (you know)!!?"

"Thirteen years ago", I replied
"I was you, and hence,
I know what you feel"
Then, I asked him, "Am I pretty?"
He was amused, "Yes, Yes", he said,
"But why ask me, why again?"
For, it was 1000th time,
The same question being asked.

"If I have to hear a yes", I thought
"Who else can I ask, but you?
Wish you knew, how thrilled I am,
Everytime I hear a yes.
May be thirteen years from now,
When you become me,
If you still remember the question,
And the hope in my eyes,
My darling brother,
Then you'll have the answer for,
'Why ask, why again?',
Not until then".

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