Monday, February 22, 2010


Jobless Post..

I know there's no one who's wondering why I am not blogging, because I myself haven't been wondering. As a matter of fact, I forgot about this. There is really nothing much to write about the present. Future is very very uncertain.

I left RVCE ECE dept on December 12th, without having another job in hand, because I found it better to sit at home than to go to the lousy place. I had got just one interview call in these 2 months, but it was like the old cliche, "Operation success, patient died". That company did not take me, even though I passed technical rounds, because it found a more suitable profile. It does not mean anything to me.

I had made a mistake of not resigning on September 29th, 2009. I was hinted to do so by many of my "trusted" friends. It is not your enemies who hurt you the most, but your friends, or whom you assumed to be your friends and continue assuming. It was my mistake to assume those kind of people to be friends: those who have no appreciation for competence, those who are afraid to tell what they think, those who are afraid to be appreciated, those who are afraid to realize that they are capable of thinking, those who are biased, those who think majority is always right, those who lack sense of humor of intellectual type and call them "PJ"s, those who are afraid to have fun at one's own cost, those who are lazy, those who lack confidence, those who hate the confidence in others, those who pass judgment on others, those who admire someone because they are not that, perhaps could never be, those who take life too seriously, those who are good to everyone else but themselves, those who do not even understand the true meaning of being good to oneself, those who find their greatness in helping people with low morals, those who find peace in being forgiven, rather than in being punished for their mistakes! You name it! All of these and more.

If you thought I was talking about my ex-colleagues, you are wrong. I was talking about the students. They crib. They crib for/in spite of anything and everything you give them. Initially they made a big hype of it when I started teaching them. They boasted with other sections, about how great their new teacher was. But after one month of my second semester there, those same people hated me, hated enough to even betray. Don't teach them well: they crib. Try to teach them: they crib. This second part is because a good teacher makes them think and they come to know what kind of trash they are. They want to remain in blissful ignorance. They want to blame the system for what they are. Initially I tried to give them what they needed, but when that did not work out, I gave them what they wanted (to hear). Yes, I gave them exactly what they needed, wanted and deserved: to all categories, without any exceptions, because it depended on them, how they took what I gave them. Not that there were no sensible students, there were, but very very few. Those very few are good, good enough to bring a smile in my face, when I think of them. I don't want to talk about them, because they are too precious.

Newton's third law works so well in real life as well. I too got equal and opposite reactions and I have no regrets whatsoever. Probably this blog is my way of reassuring myself that I've overcome the regrets, by keeping it no secret. No one can make use of this secret (if I had any) emotion anymore. I hate to pity and to be pitied. Can't wallow in self-pity for more than a few months and I think I have done enough of that and do not have to for a few more years. Now I may not have a job, but I am happy. I don't realize how every day passes!!!

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