Friday, December 17, 2010


Introducing Jagoinvestor

Recently while looking for good mutual funds to invest, I accidentally came across this wonderful site called Jago Investor. It's being maintained by Manish Chauhan, who is a computer science engineer from Pune, and now totally passionate about on personal finance. He has a team, details of which you can know from him directly. These young, enthusiastic and energetic guys want to revolutionize the way people look at personal finance. We Indians are good at working for money and working for others, but if we give some more attention to manage our own finance, we will have a more satisfying life. It does not need a genius , only a bit of discipline and commitment.

Some of the "must read"s in my opinion, in the order of need:
About Life Insurance
Last moment tax planning
Magic of Systematic Investments
Importance of small savings
Stock Markets: Not too difficult to exploit, if you are sensible
Questions to be asked before you buy a property
Happy Reading. :) If you are just about to finish your studies and start earning, you'll be amazed to know how well you can start handling the sudden inflow of money!

Disclaimer: My views are biased (This is true for anybody's view in general). Please take them with a pinch of salt. Ask questions and learn more, don't accept anything without questioning.

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