Friday, October 08, 2010



When you get married, two things will happen invariably.

1. Number of ways to go wrong in any major decision making will increase .
2. Similarly, number of ways to go right will decrease.

Sound very trivial and obvious, don't they? But if couples were to be aware of these two when they make decisions, then there would be fewer problems on earth!

I was reading "Spouse" by Shobha De a few months ago. I liked the introduction part of it. Very very motivating, gives valid points as to why one should get married, or shouldn't.

But some of the next chapters: I didn't like. Don't ask me why, just read them. Even if I didn't like the book (couldn't complete reading it), I would recommend it to people. People who are just married or about to be married. But do not try to analyze life too much after reading it.

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