Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Multilingual SMSingoo, E-mail Account Hackingooo

Don't wonder what's the relation between SMSing and email account hacking. Wait till I finish.

One night in the last week of December '09, I was jobless and smsing one of my jobful friends. He surprised me by typing something in Tulu....and then....then.. nothing happened.

Something happened today actually....

Continuing the game, today morning I smsed him in Samskrita. This 'bahubhaasha pandita', a 'Gadinaada kannadiga', now in Bangalore replied in Konkani. As you know, often I get into kid -mode. I was online on gmail and pinged Sowmya-one Telugu friend-for obvious reasons. I wanted to ask her to translate a few words to Telugu, so that I can puzzle this pandita.

Exchanged hello hi..and then she asked me my phone number since her "contacts have been deleted accidentally". Like a fool (which I am, but five minutes later realized there were bigger fools.), I typed my number. She was talking with 'yaar' suffixed to every sentence and it was quite unusual of her. I couldn't take it anymore and asked,
"Why 'yaar'?", "Simply, just for a change yaar".

OK fine..I thought. Then I asked,
"How do you translate this 'Work well, Sleep well, eat well' to Telugu?". She ignored me.
She asked me whether I watched "3 idiots" movie. That surprised me, because Sowmya never asks such idiotic questions, she knows me too well. She also asked when were we going to meet next! OK, this was confusing. I asked her to translate the phrase for me and she ignored once again. Then I got serious doubts, whether it was Sowmya there. By then I had got a call from an unknown number. (This was the bigger foolish action I mentioned.)

I called up Sowmya and asked her whether she was g-chatting with me and she said,
"No, I've not even accessed it since a few days".
"Oh, OK. Even yesterday you were online. Your account has been hacked. Luckily I have the hacker's number. Go and give a police complaint if you want".
"Thank you so much Aparna, for informing. I am leaving Bangalore tonight and I'll return only after fifteen days. I'll take care immediately."
[I threatened this hacker fellow over chat, that if ever he troubled me using my number I knew what to do.]
I was in no mood to ask her how to say all this in Telugu. Was so shaken by the whole experience (first time you see), didn't message the other friend even in English. Anyway the guy had said, "Will message later".
Yes, it was utterly silly of me to bother about playing with languages when I have my hands full , although one never knows how significant a silly thing could turn out to be.

And, I had thought "account hacking yuga" was almost over.

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