Monday, October 27, 2008



Hi Friends,

Wish you a very happy Deepavali..
I am happy to inform you that one of the patents we had filed when I was working for Ittiam has got granted just last week: Docket no is 1864.018US1 . One more is still to be granted, hopefully it will be. You can find these in the following link:
One that got granted:
The one that is getting processed:
It is a nice feeling to partially own a patent! Please don't ask treat OK.. I won't be getting any money because of this, seriously.


Monday, October 13, 2008


It is About the Bike!

It was November 2002. I had booked a honda activa in City honda, St.Marks road. Waiting period was 30 days and I was dreaming about my new vehicle all the time.

Dec 7,2002. Batani (oops, Venkatesh-a B.E. friend) came to my house, for what, I don't remember. I snatched his bike key and tried it. The guy was really psyched about his good old vehicle rather than what would happen to me. His desperate attempts to stop me went in vain and I learnt it in a day. That is when I seriously started thinking about geared bike. You know, the "kick" it gives you back, in response to the kick you give it, must be really worth, that's why most guys buy bikes I thought. Moreover, look at the mileage, stability, maintenance: Geared vehicle is better than ungeared in every other way.

So, within 2 days, I made up my mind. I had to face lot of resistance, from my family and friends. There was not a single friend who supported my decision. But yeah, I must admit that Jyothi, my classmate in B.E. was my inspiration, as she used to ride a CBZ. One of my colleagues even warned, "You can not wear a saree and ride a bike". Finally my mom stopped cribbing and that was just enough for me. Canceled the activa booking and booked a TVS Victor GL Black. On Dec 13th, 2002 ( literally!) my journey on Victor started. I had only a learner's license and had to get a D.L. It was not as easy as it was for guys. The police would suspect my capacity and I could not have afforded to do a single small mistake. Hence I practiced, practiced..and practiced. Nothing terrible happened during the test and I got a license with clean hand.

My bike has fallen many times, but it has never let me down. Once in February 2003, when I was still not good at driving, was coming home at 2 a.m. from office. Sathya (my colleague then) was coming along on his bike. There was a small ditch on the road and before I saw it, I had pressed the front brake. You can imagine the rest. I had done a high-jump. Nothing happened to me. There was a dog lying, which got so scared that it ran away without leaving any signs.

There are endless stories which make my Victor unique. One of them I had put down in this blog, with title "Help Me". I have enjoyed countless rides on ring roads. The major long ride was on June 19th, 2006, when I had made a trip to my native place (near Mangalore) through Shiradi ghat, i.e. Hassan - Sakleshpur - Uppinangadi. By the time I crossed the ghats, there were heavy rains! It was one unforgettable experience, which was full of risk. Again, for this I had to bargain a lot with lot of people.

In between all these, once in a while, Amma used to tell me to sell it and buy an un-geared one. Though I understood her concerns, it was getting very difficult for me to accept the fact that I have to sell it. I knew that, I could not keep it forever, still was trying to keep it for maximum time possible. Technically, I had no valid reasons to sell it. I have never had any accidents with it, if I do not consider those small things mentioned. It has been in a very good condition as far as engine, mileage etc are considered. I don't find it difficult to manage. Further, it has become my friend, it never lets me feel lonely.

Now, finally, when it is nearing 6 years, I am selling it. You might ask why. If you have read "The Alchemist", think that signs told me to sell. Fact is that I got convinced that I must sell it, whatever may be the reasons. Once again, circle is getting closed with activa booking, this time at Planet Honda, Rajajinagar. Waiting period has remained the same. But this time no repetition of history!

Note: If you are interested in buying my bike, you may email me or leave a comment to this.

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