Monday, January 01, 2007


Helllloooo? Is somebody there?


First of all, wish you a very happy and enlightening new year 2007!

I'll be very much surprised if someone still visits my blog!
Anyways, in case someone does, here are a few updates:

Finished one semester (successfully?!) at IISc.

Loved the coursework there; a good balance of easy, medium and tough courses.

Teachers are just excellent in my department, i.e. Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE).

Luckily, unlike the usual IISc trend, there are quite a lot of good batchmates. OK, define good: Intellectually and emotionally "matured"., now dont ask me to define maturity, it will all go on and on in a never ending loop or, might come back to defining "good" :)

We've been freaking out a lot in hours say..something like two a.m. mostly in football ground or gym cafe....It's been fun, to say the least.

I'm "enjoying" the privileged position of "the only lady student of ECE batch of 2006-08" at IISc, just like my senior is "enjoying" the same position for batch 2005-07 ECE!

What else? Yeah, I got the guide of my choice and was there in the list of his choices as well, so it is a mutual commitment. Really great teacher and gem of a person.

Had a cool vacation for 3 weeks. Read a few books, philosophised a lot, did what all I could.... Had never got such a vacation after B.E., so it's been very thrilling.....

All geared up for the coming semester, which is going to commence in the second week of Jan.

All in all, so far so good, as my guide would say....

Some quotes/one-two liners that I came across, from IISc people, as well from orkut friends; I decline to reveal the sources, none are mine.

"Dont ask your neighbour, you are more correct than your neighbour"
"Well, you can't convince the world, until you convince yourself"
"If walls have ears, they have ear-wax too"
"I dont care about anything, by anything, I mean ANYTHING, not even myself. Let the soceity go to hell, who cares? Why should there be humans? Why can't world be full of dinosaurs?"
"QED means Quite Easily Done" (In fact, Q.E.D is a short form used to denote end of proof)
"I mix water with rum and drink-I get high, same when I mix water with whisky and drink, same when I mix water with gin and drink, what is wrong with water???!!!"
"Research depends a lot on luck. But the harder you work, the more lucky you'll get", "Yeah true, you need to be waiting there when luck knocks your door, to open it"
"Can you see the redundancy in phrase 'may be or may not be' ?"
"(Paradox in Murphy's law) 'If something has a chance of going wrong, it'll definitely go wrong'. Then why can't this law go wrong?"

Well, reader, that's all I can remember for now..........

So long then,

Just one last thing-I had a recent realization: It is so easy to convince the world that you are happy, even if you aren't convinced yourself.

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