Sunday, February 15, 2009


My Quotes - January 2009

I was a bit busy with change of job during last few weeks and hence could not post a new thing here. I have got faculty position in EC department of RV College of Engineering, Bangalore- a career, I always wanted.

Below are the quotes I came up with, in the month of January 2009. Enjoy..

-Celebrities exist because the rest fail to succeed. (I mean, losers are the real makers of winners!) Date: 02-01-09

-When people are confused about what to see/believe, most see/believe what they want to. Date: 06-01-09

-I would rather be hated for what I am than be loved for what I am not. Date: 06-01-09.
Note: I later found that this quote was already said by Andre Gide.

-Character, in my view, is property of the soul. Date: 06-01-09

-If a man calls woman he loves or woman that loves him a bitch, it only means he is a dog and does not deserve love of any woman. (Begging pardon from Dog community) Date: 07-01-09

A Chinese quote: “What happens when unstoppable collides with immovable?”
-My answer: “They become one, travel with velocity of light and hence vanish” or “They attain moksha”. Date: 10-01-09

-Most of us give unnecessary explanations when it is not needed. Date:10-01-09
Note: You know, I could’ve explained the context in which I came up with this, had it not been associated with a great philosophical personality in IISc. I am sorry that I can’t share, OK?

-40% commit suicide because they are scared of life,
40% continue living because they are scared of suicide,
10% live because they think life is beautiful and worth living,
10% accept life or death or any other state as it comes.
I don't even care which category I belong to.
Note: Statistics are arbitrary and you can put your own w,x,y,z, such that w+x+y+z = 100

Plato said: “On the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”
I add: “On the failure of it, an ordinary person becomes a devdas and a genius becomes a philosopher.” Date:18-01-09

A note to the readers: If you find any of the above quotes anywhere in the net, please bring it to my notice. It will only make me happier... All of us are aware that "great minds think alike" ;-)


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