Thursday, October 27, 2011


Continued chit chat...

Ah.. Not possible to sustain writing about what I cooked everyday. Also, it will be quite boring to read it, as we keep repeating.
However, last Sunday (16th oct), I cooked pumpkin halwa (mentioned previously) and the taste I cant forget even now.
Wanna cook gulab jamoon soon.
Cooking can involve a lot of discoveries and inventions..
My father in law taught me how to make curd.
- When boiling milk, I should keep it in the minimum possible flame, in the smallest burner possible.
- Half ltr heritage takes more than 20 mins this way (measured by me for my stove) and Nandini a little lesser.
- Let it boil slowly as much as possible, switch off, let it cool on its own
- When it is not very cold, may be lukewarm, put one drop on curd to it.
- Dont let it shake, close the vessel with a lid and keep it for a day.
I even remove the cream as much as possible and store it in freezer; in case I wanna prepare sweets, I can use it. If I remove cream, I feel the curd is more tasty, as it does not have the odor of milk.
Curd prepared this way is really tasty and good looking..(want a photo? let me try to post one)

Hello Ma'am,
I am Dhanya. I was your student in RVCE. I follow your blog regularly. Waiting for more posts from you. :)
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