Monday, October 17, 2011


Music lesson and cooking updates

I've decided to put a brief log everyday on what I cook/eat and what I learn at music class..

Music class:
Oct 15th Saturday 11:30 am: Learning Sri Varalakshmi - Sreeraga, Roopaka tala, Dikshitar kriti. Also recalling Shankarabharana varna, Saami ninne

- Oct 15th, 16th: Dal makhani (Masoor dal), Rava dosa, Rajma hot and sour soup, Rajma masala chaawal, Tomato Rasam, Vangi Baath (this one by my mom in law) and Pumpkin halwa (Yummy!)
- Oct 17th : Dosa with batter prepared from Rice, Urad dal, split moong, pumpkin juice/crux. Should see what to cook in the evening.

I wont put any recipes, until I feel I have found something new. This shouldnt be yet another blog for cooking, there are already too many.


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