Monday, January 28, 2013


Here, back again with a new style.

Last post was on Oct 27th, 2011. After completing a year and 3 months and a day, getting interested to post again. This post is about a quick snapshot of last one year and what I am upto.
My baby Saraswatee completes 7 months today...For some of my old reader friends here, it might be news and they might chide me for not keeping in touch through this blog. My apologies for the same. No excuses, only unconditional apologies.
A note on how my baby's name is spelled. Kannada script software translates it correctly into her name ಸರಸ್ವತೀ only if it is spelled as Saraswatee. Correct name ends with deergha, since it is eekaranta streelinga. I've seen generally it is being used as ಸರಸ್ವತಿ, and I think putting a deergha is more correct.
Last one year has been really really good. I would say best year of my life so far and it also gave me a feeling that it was just the beginning. There are many more better years to come.
First week of Nov 2011, specially Nov 5th, Saturday, 2 important things happened. I discovered that I was pregnant. Same day I got initiated into meditation in Mysore, by someone who I think prefers to maintain low profile. Since then, I've been happier day by day.
I am not qualified to write about transcendental or any other meditation yet and I'll not be in the near future. So please do not expect a post on that. I have a gut feeling that if and when I become qualified to write, I will have higher priority things to do than maintaining this blog.
Between all these, my music classes have been going on fine, except for a 4 month maternity break. Sir has been very kind. He is teaching me more and more saraswatee devi kritis these days for obvious reasons. :)
My Saraswatee is rolling over more often these days. She doesnt go forward yet. She smiles nicely. She sleeps well in the night and takes good naps during daytime too. Absolutely no trouble.
Yesterdayhad been to phoenix mall in mahadevpura, for the second time. I intend to go more often. It is big, it has got hi funda shops and games. Parking system is convenient.
Some of my ex-students are in touch with me; it is always nice to keep in touch with younger people. It adds cheerfulness to life.
Going back to work from Feb 1st. I've got necessary support system for babycare. No worries. Life is Good, what more do I need?
Planning to do this more often.

Hey Arun here. Nice to read your blog. I got directed here from . I was visiting his site because his advisor had worked on multiple description coding that I am slowly getting interested in.

A baby is a joy for the family. It is just wonderful. You will see with time how we grew from knowing nothing to a state where we think we know something. Saraswatee will give you infinite joy. The key to happiness is satisfaction and dont look further, you are complete.

I am doing fine. I am writing up my thesis and I should be done by the mid of the year. I am also trying to figure out what to do next. As of now, I have no clue.
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